AFPA Member
Lonestar Lumber is a certified member of AFPA, who conduct monthly audits to ensure we meet the ISPM 15 standards on all of our heat-treated pallet, crates, and lumber for international shipping. The AFPA is regulated by the “Canadian Food Inspection Agency”, and performs monthly inspections on their behalf to guarantee compliance.

NWPCA Member
Lonestar Lumber is a member of the “National Wood Pallet and Container Association” who provides us with daily news feeds on lumber and lumber products. As a member we are able to purchase a yearly license for their “Pallet Design Systems” program. Using this program, we can custom design any pallet configuration you may need weather it be stringer or block pallets. The final print out shows all the pallet dimensions, as well as lumber species used in the pallet construction, and how much weight the pallet will hold in your racking, on the floor or stacked 5 high if you wish.


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