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Lumber Products

We sell all kinds of lumber and lumber products. We will cut to specified lengths and thickness. Be it trailer blocking, pipeline skids or band & groove.


We have 2 high speed pallet machines that can build to specification. For larger pallets and crates

Lonestar Lumber

Lonestar Lumber Inc., established in 1991 by William Anderson is a privately-owned company located in Edmonton AB. Since then Lonestar Lumber has become one of the largest suppliers of pallets and manufactured lumber products in Western Canada.

Lonestar Lumber is proud to maintain a high commitment to quality and professionalism. Over the past 30 years, we have developed a superior product and an outstanding commitment to customer service. Whether your pallet and lumber needs are to be used for local or international shipping we can help as we are an IPPC certified dealer for all heat-treated products.

Member of  the AFPA and the NWPCA

AFPA-member companies produced 3.2 billion board feet of lumber in 2013 with a value of $1.2 billion. Part of this production came from the secondary manufacturing sector. Total production volumes increased 227 million board feet or 7.6% from 2012, while values increased $264 million or 29%.


Lonestar Lumber is a CFIA dealer. Which means we are able to ship lumber and pallets to anywhere in the world, and still meet any countrys’ import laws and demands for heat treated wood products.

Pallet Design System

Using PDS (Pallet Design System) Lonestar Lumber is able to custom design any pallet using specific lumber and material components. We are able to determine weight restriction, collapse reistance, support conditions and more, as well as provide you with detailed drawings.

Our Process