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New Pallets

With the use of high-speed, automated pallet machines, and a group of dedicated hand builders, our manufacturing team produces a substantial amount of new, custom sized pallets on a daily basis.

Able to build to your specifications, we can provide any size wooden pallet that we are confident will meet all your needs.

Whether you’re looking for stringer pallets, 2-way or 4-way; block pallets; winged pallets; skids; solid deck pallets; etc., we do it all!

Certified by the C.F.I.A, we are able provide heat treated pallets for your international shipping needs, all while meeting IPPC standards.

All of our pallets are stacked and strapped for safe handling.

Quality checks are done on multiple times daily on all new pallets to ensure accuracy and quality.

Repaired Pallets

Our repaired pallet program brings in damaged/unwanted pallets from the marketplace for repair. With specific standards in place, pallets that are repairable are circulated back into our inventory for resale.

Pallets that cannot be repaired are stripped of any salvageable boards and/or sent to our grinder for chipping.

90% of our repaired pallets are 48 x 40 inches in dimension. Repaired pallets can be either stringer or block pallets.

While not always the “prettiest” pallet, repaired pallets are lower cost and very common.


In addition to pallets, our builders are experienced in the production of wooden crates. We can supply fully enclosed crates, partial crates, plywood crates, and more.

Let our sales team help create the perfect crate for you. Whatever size and specification, contact us today!

Pallet Cut Stock

Our designated cut stock line produces top quality, precision cut lumber perfect for any pallet cut stock needs.  Whether you need only decking, just stringers, or a pallet kit, our team can cut it all!

We offer a variety of grades, species, and dimensions at any length; HT, KD, IPPC stamped. Notching is also available.

We offer shipping within Canada and across the United States!

Quality checks ensure accuracy and quality.

Industrial Lumber

Looking for lumber? We sell that too.

With different dimensions, lengths, and grades of lumber on hand, we can supply various types of custom lumber products such as:

  • Stakes
  • Pipeline skids
  • Dolly pads & cribs
  • Battens
  • Cut stock
  • Banding groove
  • Dunnage
  • Studs

Lumber is sold by lift quantities.

Wood Chips & Sawdust

Equipped with a 1000HP HogZilla® turbo grinder, accumulated wood waste is
processed into wood chips best used for composting and bio fuels.

Wood chips can be either 1″ or 4″ in size, and are sold in truckload quantities.

Delivery & Logistics

With our own fleet of tractor-trailers, flatbeds, and enclosed trailers, and our team of dedicated drivers, ask us about delivery options!

Whether you require your order to be dock loaded, in an enclosed trailer, or side loaded on a flat deck, we will get your order to you on time!

Our Mission & Values

Lonestar Lumber Inc., established in 1991 by William Anderson is a privately-owned company located in Edmonton AB. Since inception, Lonestar Lumber has become one of the largest suppliers of pallets and manufactured lumber products in Western Canada.

Quality & Professionalism

Lonestar Lumber is proud to maintain a high commitment to quality and professionalism. Over the past 30 years, we have developed a superior product and an outstanding commitment to customer service.

Certified Dealer

Whether your pallet and lumber needs are to be used for local or international shipping we can help as we are an IPPC certified dealer for all heat-treated products.

Products & Services

Our high speed pallet machines can build the pallets to our customer’s exact specifications…

About Lonestar Lumber

Lonestar Lumber is proud to maintain a high commitment to quality and professionalism…

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Over 30 years, we have developed a superior product and an outstanding commitment to customer service…

Careers with  Lonestar Lumber

In choosing to apply with Lonestar, you are choosing a career in a fast-paced, manufacturing organization. You will be part of an organization that is committed to the health and safety of our employees, diversity, and inclusion. Join a talented team with decades of experience and diverse capabilities as Lonestar Lumber continues to grow.

Open Positions

Lonestar Lumber is inclusive of all applicants. We do not discriminate against any backgrounds, races, sexualities, genders, etc. We also support women in the workplace.

Lonestar Lumber is currently hiring.

Visit Indeed.com for a list of current employment opportunites with Lonestar Lumber.
Resumes can be EMAILED to accounting@lonestarlumber.com

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Over the past 30 years, we have developed a superior product and an outstanding commitment to customer service.


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